Fennel-Infused Vodka

Fennel-Infused Vodka

Makes 750ml

Don’t throw away the unused tops of fennel; instead use them to flavor broths, vinegars, and spirits. If you’re a gin lover experiment with infusing vodka with juniper berries and other aromatics.

Tops from 1 fennel bulb (stems and fine leaves)
3 Tbsp. juniper berries
1 lemon
1 orange
750 ml vodka (unflavored)

Clean a wide-mouth jar or lidded vessel. Cut the fennel tops down to fit your jar, gently crush the juniper berries with a mortar and pestle, and cut wide strips of citrus peel with as little white pith as possible. Add all ingredients into your container. Fill the jar with vodka and tightly seal for 5–10 days. Smell daily, and after your infusion reaches its desired potency, strain the vodka out and re-bottle, discarding the solids. Enjoy as a simple gin and tonic garnished with a sprig of rosemary or a twist of lime.

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