Putting  Down Roots

How a young family returned to Dayton Ohio to follow their dreams of planting their own farmstead.

USDA statistics show that one third of farmers are aged 65 and older. Increasingly, we’ll need a cohort of young farmers to take to the land. Sam and Rich Wickham are among them. They founded Foxhole Farm in Brookville, OH, in April 2018, setting out to transform 27 conventionally cultivated acres into a sustainable farm growing vegetables, microgreens, herbs, and, eventually, sheep. They sell at Dayton-area markets in Centerville and Oakwood, and supply Dorothy Lane Market and a handful of nearby restaurants. We asked Sam to share the earliest part of their journey in this series of essays.

Bryn’s long career in publishing took a left turn sometime around 2010, when she discovered the joy of food writing. Since then, she’s found professional nirvana as the editor of Edible Ohio Valley, author of The Findlay Market Cookbook, and occasional instructor at The Cooking School at Jungle Jim’s. Find her seasonal recipes at writes4food.com.