Preserved Grilled Tomatoes

makes at least 1 pint jar
You can’t have enough of these preserved tomatoes when fresh ones go out of season. We haven’t included measurements here; preserve as many tomatoes as you’d like and use salt and oil accordingly.

Cherry tomatoes, washed
Sea salt
Extra-virgin olive oil
Basil leaves

Prepare a hot grill or set a stove top griddle to med-high. Toss tomatoes in a bowl with a drizzle of olive oil to lightly coat, then place tomatoes in a single layer on the grill or griddle.  Grill until tomatoes start to wilt and have good grill marks, turning as needed.

Grill until desired between 5-15 minutes then remove and let cool to room temperature. Toss tomatoes in plenty of sea salt to coat them. Pack salted tomatoes into sterilized glass canning jars; add basil leaves, then add olive oil to cover. Seal and refrigerate up to 6 months.

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