Hydrogrowers Produce

Troy, Ohio

You can’t miss the three large, white greenhouses that sit off Mowry Road in the heart of Troy, OH, farmland. Visually, the buildings starkly contrast against the expanse of land that surrounds them; what lies within the greenhouses equally contradicts traditional farming norms. The structures represent an entire line of local produce unhindered by the seasonal growing calendar. The greenhouses belong to Dean and Anita Sink, owners and operators of Hydrogrowers Produce, a local hydroponic farming business that has been serving the Dayton area with fresh greens on a year-round basis for more than 20 years.

Rows of dense leafy arugula, kale, bibb lettuces, and watercress fill the greenhouses where, even in the dead of winter, plants flourish under the nurture and care of hydroponic growing methods, which cultivate hardy plants in nutrient-dense water solutions without soil.

The company raises many varieties of microgreens, which family staff members harvest multiple times a week and bring fresh to downtown Dayton’s Second Street Market. In addition to lettuces, Hydrogrowers raises and sells flower, vegetable, and herb plants for home gardeners, and sells conventionally grown produce on a seasonal basis.

“You know you’re always getting fresh from us,” says owner Dean Sink. “Our flexibility in offering greens all year long has driven our customer loyalty.”

Hydrogrowers’ leafy greens have become the stand-out product at the weekly market, especially in the winter months when not much else exhibits the enticingly fresh, green quality that hydroponic techniques allow. “It’s amazing how many customers are drawn to our greens each week at the market,” Sink says.

With its mastery of hydroponic science, Hydrogrowers has made accessing the freshest and greenest produce, no matter the season, an exciting reality for area shoppers.

455 Mowry Rd., Pleasant Hill, OH

Find it at: On-farm and at Second Street Public Market, Dayton (year round); Landes Meat Market, Troy Night Market, Troy Downtown Farmers’ Market (in season)

Tara is a journalist based in Dayton, OH. She contributes to many regional publications, writing about alternative health, Zen living, and environmental issues. When she’s not writing, Tara immerses herself in good literature, cooking, creating homemade natural beauty products, and perfecting the art of making great co ee and tea.