Easter Rising Farm

Easter Rising Farm

Friendship, Indiana

At Easter Rising Farm, farming is a family—and friends—affair. Joshua Mincher and his family run the 90-acre, Friendship, IN-based farm, handling most of the manual labor along with his brother and nephew; two neighbors serve as mentors. The farm is known for its poultry CSA and its philosophy that “good farming, along with being a good customer, does not force a creature to live contrary to its nature; rather, it cultivates that nature and makes it as fruitful as possible.”

To that end, there are two things that set Easter Rising Farm apart. First is a diverse, “salad bar” diet for the farm’s livestock, especially the poultry. “This makes the biggest nutritional difference between ‘certified organic’ and ‘pasture-raised’ chickens,” Mincher says. “Chickens grazed on the fresh pasture ‘salad bar’ are much, much more nutritious than grain-fed organic poultry.”

The second is a community structure to the farm business. “A CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. We are a part of the lives of our members, and support them as they support us. We really want you to make a farmer part of your community,” Mincher says.

The poultry CSA launched eight years ago and provides members with 50 pasture-raised chickens a year for $1,000 (half memberships are available). Members receive two chickens every other week, year-round, and can also order grass-fed beef and lamb, free-range pork, and eggs.

Deliveries are made at sites in Western Hills, Liberty Township, and Madeira every other Thursday, but members have flexibility in coordinating their pickup times. They’re also welcome to schedule a visit to the farm to see the salad bar in action at any time.

5736 State Route 62
Versailles, IN
Visits can be scheduled any day except Sunday

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