Chickpea Patties

Makes 40 1-inch patties; 4 burger-size patties

A tasty alternative to the veggie burger, or great as appetizers.

1¾ cups dried chickpeas
2 cloves garlic, lightly crushed
5 green onions, cut into 2-inch pieces
¼ cup chopped fresh parsley and rosemary
1 tsp. cayenne
1 tsp. salt
½ tsp. ground black pepper
2 Tbsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 cup (or more) olive oil, for frying

Soak chickpeas 12 to 24 hours until tripled in size. Check to ensure the beans stay covered with water. You should have about 5 cups of soaked beans. Drain the uncooked beans well and transfer to a food processor with all the remaining ingredients.

Shape the chickpea mix into 1-inch patties and fry in 1/2 cup olive oil until browned on each side; repeat with remaining mixture and oil. Serve warm on salad or in a pita with tahini, yogurt, and cucumbers.

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