O Pie O

Who says pie should just be served at holiday time? That’s the working theory of Cincinnati’s first pie-centric bakery, O Pie O, which opened its doors in September at DeSales Corner in East Walnut Hills following a successful run at local farmers’ markets.

Siblings Lou and Laura Ginocchio, along with chef Ian Sobeck, launched O Pie O in summer 2015 at Findlay Market. The team knew all along they wanted to open a bakery-cafe in East Walnut Hills, but had to wait for all of the pieces to fall into place. “We liked what was happening here, and we wanted to be in this particular building,” Lou Ginocchio says.

O Pie O focuses on seasonal ingredients, with a rotating menu of savory and sweet options. Each handmade pie has a crispy bottom crust, which makes the perfect vessel for the pie’s contents. The crispy crust is the result of cutting the butter into the dry ingredients, rather than mixing it thoroughly or using lard or shortening, which makes the crust more tender.

For each pie, Sobeck starts with a popular recipe and then puts his own spin on it. The menu has some unique combinations—cue the customer-favorite Honey Vinegar Pie—but there are also traditional options like summer peach, apple crumb, and chocolate pecan. Savory options include a killer chicken pot pie, a “pocket pie” with ham and cheddar, a Greek-style quiche with goat cheese and sun-dried tomato, and empanadas with either beef or vegetarian fillings.

Slices of pie are served a la carte or, to gild the lily, a la mode, topped with Graeter’s ice cream or Madisono’s gelato. You can also order a whole pie to take home and enjoy.

— Caitlin Koenig

O Pie O
1527 Madison Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45206

Hours: Tue–Thur: 9am–9pm / Fri–Sat: 9am–11pm / Sun.: 10am–3pm

Caitlin has been freelancing for Soapbox Media, an online Cincinnati magazine, since she moved to the city in 2012. Her green thumb isn’t all that green, so her husband is in charge of the potted garden on their deck. But she loves all things food—especially chocolate, wine, and chips and salsa.