Firecracker Bakery

Firecracker Bakery

Lynn Wambaugh, owner of Firecracker Bakery, has been baking up a cookie storm since 2009. “Baking for family, friends, and colleagues was always a hobby alongside my teaching career, until I realized I wanted to own my own bakery,” says Wambaugh. Encouraged by friends and family, like many food entrepreneurs, she retired from teaching to pursue her baking career.

Wambaugh, who is self-taught, quickly outgrew her home kitchen and stumbled upon The Hatchery, a Newport, KY, micro-incubator kitchen that hosts start-up food companies. “The organization was founded by Rachel DesRochers, who owns Grateful Grahams, and I found this project while searching for shared kitchens,” Wambaugh says. “I got to know Rachel and I was hooked!”

Wambaugh’s vision for Firecracker Bakery is to make each order with a warm personal touch and a strong focus for every customer to love each bite they take. Firecracker Bakery’s signature Burst cookies are a case in point: Soft, buttery rounds about the size of a silver dollar, topped with a dollop of frosting and coarse sugar, they’re the perfect can’t-have-just-one treat.

Firecracker Bakery, named in recognition of Wambaugh’s birthday on July 4th, is the busiest during the holiday season. “During the holidays, I sell platters and gift boxes of holiday Burst cookies that can be picked up from my home at scheduled times,” says Wambaugh, “People can also buy cellophane bags of Burst cookies at all of Firecracker Bakery’s retail locations in red, white, and green.”

Look for Firecracker Bakery Bursts at retail locations in Ohio and Kentucky. A Holiday Burst Box of 1 dozen cookies is $10. They’re just right for an energy boost during a long day of shopping, and they make a welcome hostess gift.

Firecracker Bakery

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